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Who We Are

Optimum Fitness Formula is your one stop shop for all your fitness goals. We combine sports medicine with technology to deliver results in "real time" even if you are at the club, work, home, or outside...etc. Our focus is to empower individuals to live a healthier lifestyle that enriches a healthy body and healthy mind by employing our High Frequency Training System.

Optimum Fitness Formula, Inc. was created in order to bring fitness into the 21st century by combining sports medicine with technology using six applications that are interfaced with your smart phones, iPads, and computers. OFF-HFT system was designed to affect the body holistically. Our company was established to improve society through fitness. Member NASM, W.I.T.S.

Personal Training and Nutrition Planning in Skokie, IL area

Our Fitness packages are custom designed for each client to target body fat, tone muscle and stabilize the body. Whether you are a performance athlete, just want to get in shape, have e chronic illness, or physical limitation, our model will work for you!

Our Products and Services -

We offer 3, 6, 9, 12 month fitness packages.

Our fitness packages include:
  • Nutrition
  • Meal planning
  • Progress tracking
  • Customized Services

Optimum Fitness Formula has combined sports medicine and technology to better service your fitness goals in "real time." You will continue to stay connected through our online portal with your personal trainer through the six applications below. Contact us today to learn more about our personalized fitness services.
 Workout Icon — Fitness Services in Skokie, IL
Receive customized training plans based on sports medicine from our trainers, via our mobile app or printout. Gain access to 3500+ 3D animated exercises.
Challenges Icon — Fitness Services in Skokie, IL
Participate in individual or club challenges and earn online achievements.
Progress Tracking Icon — Fitness Services in Skokie, IL
Progress Tracking
Track your progress and outcomes monthly. Get a clear picture of the results of your hard work
Nutrition Icon — Fitness Services in Skokie, IL
Create a personalized nutrition plan, track your food daily and get faster results. "Nutrition Empowerment"
Activity Calendar icon — Fitness Services in Skokie, IL
Activity Calendar
Complete workouts scheduled by your trainer and schedule your sessions, never forget a workout again.
Community Icon — Fitness Services in Skokie, IL
Create a profile, join challenges, and engage with other in discussion groups.
Create a profile, join challenges, and engage with other in discussion groups.
Why Choose Our Fitness Program

1) Professional, educated staff
2) Our focus is a holistic approach to fitness.
3) No contract or application fees
4) Complete fitness packages